Wills, Power of Attorney & Estate Law

An important part of our practice is the preparation of wills or amending wills for our clients. A will is an essential part of any financial plan and everyone should have one. A well drafted will can prevent significant legal costs down the road.

We’re pleased to meet with you to explain what’s involved in drafting a will and how it all works, gather information on your circumstance and draft a will when we have clear instruction from you. Once the personalized will is drafted, it is sent to you for review and only executed after you approve the content. We can retain the original will or a copy, depending on your preference.

We also conduct an active practice applying for the appointment of estate trustees (probate), administering estates, and advising executors on their administration of estates, and assisting in resolving disputes between executors and beneficiaries. An executor should obtain legal counsel before making serious decisions concerning the administration of an estate

Please contact us for a free initial consultation and we’ll be happy to assist you.